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A humble reminder in a corner of the office at my home.

Now a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, Stephen Adly Guirgis once said to me (…and okay, a whole class of other people taking his workshop) that one of the toughest things about writing is:

It is absolutely true. And the fact that he has the same writing problem I do (…and okay, I’m sure a whole world of people writing out there) gives me some comfort when I attempt to sit myself down and write.

I have also repurposed (or edited”) an inspirational wall decal quote (one not about writing) down to three simple words (and two punctuation marks). What remains forms something of a poetic mantra for me as I pluck away at letters in my humble office at home. It reads (as pictured at top):

So no matter how few or how many I write — whether for a post on Medium, on other blogs, for a song I wrote with a friend, for a short play I’m working on, or even a random essay I feel compelled to get out — I try (emphasis on try) to jot down at least something each day. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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