part of a poem series by Ernio Hernandez

artwork by Ernio Hernandez

She pushes and life finds its way.

She pushes her body to be strong for the child she carries
She pushes her voice into the depths of her body so baby can hear her love
She pushes to stay calm, focused and brave for the life she brings into being

She pushes the blanket into the curves of the newborn’s swaddle
She pushes the milk from her to nourish her little suckling
She pushes the rocking chair as she hums her lullaby
She pushes her own eyes to stay open long enough to keep baby safe

She pushes herself to leave baby and go back to work
She pushes herself to make it home in time to put her to bed
She pushes herself to save enough energy to enjoy the time

She pushes to be breadwinner, leader, friend, wife and still mother
She pushes to find time to be her own self again
She pushes to not be pulled apart by all the directions

She pushes to make a better life for her child
pushing her heart fully to love every second
a push once upon another time

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Writer-Artist ✍ Contact: →in New Yorker: Find @ernio_art →on Instagram: License →via

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