part of a poem series by Ernio Hernandez

artwork by Ernio Hernandez

She lays quietly.

Her face and all the wondrous muscles within are calm.
All the eyebrow raises of interest, the furrowed brows of concern, the cheekiness of pulling smiles and hideaway winces of silent pains of the day are laid to rest.

Her mind wanders the landscapes of dreams she will not remember.
Subconsciously surfing the waves of emotions, memories, deep thoughts and random stimuli that were logged today to land safely ashore and walk away from them.

Her body, oh her beautiful brunt-bearing body, serene as the waters of a lake at dawn.
The bumps from passersby, limbs and things slung in fabric, the itches, the soreness and toll-taking agedness wear no more on her nor weigh her down.

She is beauty at rest.
Calm, fleetingly a-dream, serene.

At peace.

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Writer-Artist ✍ Contact: →in New Yorker: Find @ernio_art →on Instagram: License →via

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