part of a poem series by Ernio Hernandez

artwork by Ernio Hernandez

She glances furtively with purpose.

Her gaze falls suddenly and fleetingly upon her suitor
She knows and wants only to hint interest
Acknowledged but not spoken
until it is known.

Once engaged, the love is overflowing
Pouring out in a seemingly endless supply
but one you dare not take for granted or waste
saving, savoring each look, kiss, moment.

With utter abandon, my heart beats only on her beckon
my lungs fill with the air that she breathes out
our conversations are equal parts hers and mine
sharing thoughts, even without words, like our minds connect.

There is no hurt, there is no lies
there is no trust for there is no need for it
Love has begun and will only end with her.

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Writer-Artist ✍ Contact: →in New Yorker: Find @ernio_art →on Instagram: License →via

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