What Your Morning Drink Says About You

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original photo by christian ferrer

You are really just a nice person and outgoing by nature. You really don’t flirt with people but sometimes your charm is taken as such.

You have plenty of friends from work, college and even from high school that you still hang out with. You are a really friendly person, and yes that includes guys and girls.

You talk to lots of people who seek you out for advice on everything, including relationships. You are a good listener and a shoulder to cry on.

You are lovable and happen to also love a good hug. You think we could all use more physical contact among friends, family, even people you don’t know well.

You’re very continental and a big kisser. You’re like an old European grandma would kisses everybody on the lips. It’s how you say hello.

You would certainly never cheat on me. No, you are very into me. You would not even think about it.

You consider yourself a very open-minded person. You don’t judge, you have a very diverse group of friends. And you would even consider alternate lifestyles like, say, polyamory, just to pick an example.

You are very much in love with me. You’re right, I should not worry that you would be sleeping around on me. I don’t know what I was thinking.

You are naked in our place because you are very free with your body. You are most definitely alone and only sweaty because you were trying out hot yoga.

You ARE cheating on me! I can’t believe I believed you, you lying son of a… You are done, d-o-n-e, DONE. Get your ass out of my face RIGHT now or I swear I will end you!

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