“We are going to dance… and have some fun”

Just heard the delightful Deee-Lite disco-y tune “Groove Is In The Heart” in the car and it made me happy.

Click above and I dare you NOT to dance.

It always does. Besides being such a fun and crazy song to “Dance wildly to like “nobody is watching,” I actually did dance to it as part of a friend’s group choreography number back in the day. So many were watching.

It was SUCH a blast! The song always brings the memories back: meeting all the other people I didn’t know in rehearsals (there were TONS of people in it!), my crush on one of the dancers, the crazy costumes and, of course, the awesome part of the song where I was featured dancing with like four girls at once.

A happy song, happy dancing and happy memories. Groove is in my heart.♡

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