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Hi. Thanks for reading me. (photo by my talented friend Greg Kalafatas)

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A playwright and poet at heart, I also write short stories, essays and other prose — some serious and some silly. Life, love, death, family, friends and relationships are among recurring themes.

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Fiction + Poems + Humor + Comics

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Starting with a few posts I’m most proud of, to give you a sense of my writing style, taste and sense of humor.

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My work has also been featured in Crossin(G)enres, ART + marketing, Misplaced Identity, Panel & Frame, Direct Mail, The Writer Archives, Poetry in Form, Poetry After Dark, BullshitIst, Festival Peak, Lyrical Inspiration, Listen To My Story, Pomqa Group, Years in Review and The Unlisted.

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I dabble in fiction, poetry, songwriting and comics, too. Here’s a few:

Short Stories (see fiction collection here)

Poems (see collection here)



insect inside (series):


Naomya | Rubavi | Makesh | Yesika | Zuleni | Jac | Ianisy | Senot | Pasif | Elżbi | S’mock | Gen | Wudro | Oaxahn | Quiläm | Pijog | Freivt | Doujeth| Gowidleux | Zooqué | Bucapfe

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