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One of the great things about having a story that blows up on your stats page is that you reach the point — though I was already heading there— that those numbers don’t mean as much to you as the words behind them.

This is that post: (the numbers are so ridiculous I won’t even bore you, suffice to say it’s gotten me c.100 hits a day for the past two weeks — that’s after its insane 1st week. I am utterly grateful it hit a nerve and people ♡ it. But I still think it is silly. Then again, so am I.)

In other trends/hemispheres:

From my facebook:

Like really. Seriously: go [insert your music player as a verb here] ANY Queen song right now (in another tab, dammit, finish this first) and just try to sit there and tell me it’s not just fucking genius. Way before its—or completely out of ANY—time. Hit the deep cuts, EVEN the damn theme for “Flash Gordon!” (Have you SEEN “Flash Gordon?”! It’s whatever you think of it. I’m just saying: even THAT!—the theme song for a movie—is beyond brilliant.) That is all.

And a couple updates no one asked for:

  • I totally passed 1211 (and the next 3 levels in rapid succession):
  • AND I’m looking to collaborate with an artist or cartoonist, hit me up if you are/know one. (Also up for a writing partnership if you’re game!)

♡ me!

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