“They say women aren’t stronger than men…”

an excerpt from part 3 of [untitled Soul project] being live-drafted on Medium during NaNoWriMo

They say women aren’t stronger than men,
but I never believed it.

Women suffer every day.

There are constant pains men can’t even comprehend.
That we never see because women endure.

Women bite their lips,
hold their tongues,
close their eyes and deny the tears even a wipe.
Take a breath and go right back on with their day.

And we never see it.

We never know because women don’t show it.

The cracks in their hearts,
the scratches on their skin,
the nicks,
the cuts,
bumps and bruises,
the winces,
the clenches,
the bubbles that burst within.

They suffer day upon day. Heart ache.
They survive year after year. Heart break.

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collage at top features photos via Unsplash by Rikky Alves, Debashis Biswas, Drew Coffman, Kimson Doan, Eye for Ebony, Eric Froehling, Joe Gardner, Autumn Goodman, Thomas Hafeneth, Audrey Jackson, Rajdeep Kataki, Jens Lindner, Joanna Nix, Eric Nopanen, Hai Phung, Svetlana Pochatun, Drew Roberts, Kareya Saleh, Timothy Paul Smith and Samridhhi Sondhi

Writer-Artist ✍ Contact: ernio.com →in New Yorker: http://bit.ly/NYernio Find @ernio_art →on Instagram: http://bit.ly/eh-art License →via CartoonCollections.com

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