A short play by Ernio Hernandez

HIM and HER are seated opposite one another as we first see them. HER seems to have just sat down.
(They appear to be in their late 20s to early 40s and are of different ethnic backgrounds. “
HIM” and “HER” are not names nor suggestive of gender.

HER Let’s not start at hello.

HIM What now?

HER I read this thing recently, “In medias res”…

HIM Medias res?

HER Yes. It’s Latin I think. It’s a technique in literature where the author starts something “in the middle of things” — like right in the action.

HIM Huh?

HER So, what do you think? Let’s not go through the whole “Hello… what do you do?” awkwardness and just launch right into the middle of something.

HIM Cool idea, but how do you just start in the middle? And haven’t we technically already started…

HER Semantics. Here, I’ll walk back in…

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The Middle of Things by Ernio Hernandez

Copyright ©2015 | Ernio Hernandez | All Rights Reserved.
(For permission to perform, contact author at ernio @ ernio.com)

Ernio Hernandez is a writer of plays, poems, short stories, essays, humor and other flights of fancy.

Other plays: My Condolences | The Last Call | One Swipe Left

Writer-Artist ✍ Contact: ernio.com →in New Yorker: http://bit.ly/NYernio Find @ernio_art →on Instagram: http://bit.ly/eh-art License →via CartoonCollections.com

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