WiIIiam Shakespeare presents

The Deep Sexy Vocals of “End of the Road” in Shakespearean English

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First Folio title page image reads: Mʳ. WiIIiam SHAKESPEARE presents the Two Gentlemen of Boyz in… The Tragedie of End of thee Road

Deep Sexy Intro

WWench, thou doth know we belongeth togeth’r
Nay hath I not time f’r thee to be playing with mine heart thusly
Thou shall beest mine f’rev’r, darling
prithee but wait

Deep Sexy Breakdown

Wench, I am naught but here f’r thee
All those instances of evening
at which hour thou didst cuckold me
and went hence astray with yond oth’r fellow
Ladybird I hath known of it
I simply didst care not
Thou wilt not receiveth how wondrous mine love is f’r thee
Doth thee?
I am whe’er f’r thee

I shall not venture forth and cozen by night
(perchance I shall absolve thee)
Just as thee didst, mistress
Yet ‘tis good now,
Understand thee not, still I loveth thee, be it concluded
(perchance thou shall tryeth)
And hence am bounden to you ‘til death strikes thine hand upon me, lambkin
(we shouldst be joyous accompanied at each moment)
Even but now
I am but filled with pangs, lover
as thee shalt not returneth to me (thee and I)
Shall thee?
Prithee cometh anon

Deep Sexy Bridge

O yes darling, mine heart is forlorn (depress’d)
Mine own heart aches, ladybird (depress’d)
O yes, I feeleth pangs too
Lambkin, prithee

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thine original texts
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“Endeth of thee Road” © AD 1991 (performed AD 1992)
from the Folio “Cooleyhighharmony”

Penned by troubadours: Kenneth “Thy Face of Babes” Edmonds / Antonio Marquis (de) “Los Angeles” Reid / Sir Daryl Simmons

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