People who double-park in parking lots — when there are spots open.

People who wear pajamas as pants in public.

Smokers. (including The Chainsmokers)

How “The Bachelor” is seen as a viable way to find romance instead of just completely misogynistic.

The animosity toward the word “moist.”

The English language — dudemesticated said it best: ([It’s] an Asshole)

The proliferation of glitter on greeting cards and in life.

Diet soda.


How even turkey bacon is delicious.

Tank tops.

People (especially women) who still call tank tops “wife beaters.”

Jury duty.

People who can legitimately say the word “duty” in all seriousness.



Kidz Bop.

“Coming up on Project Runway…” before EVERY commercial break — its season 72, no one is not returning to watch the rest of the show.

How there isn’t a slew of dance schools named “Hot Cha Cha.”

Why we haven’t come up with road material that doesn’t make potholes every year.

People who don’t love snow.

People who don’t love Brittany Snow.

How people function with more than two children.

Why I love guacamole but don’t like avocados.

How to unsubscribe from the Victoria’s Secret emails I get every day.

Why restaurants and coffeehouses ask for our names when they are just going to misspell and/or mispronounce them.


The term “Necking.”


I really could keep going, but this is enough for now.

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