Setting: a wake

I have to say I am surprised how many friends and family came tonight — and how many stayed. And all just to listen to some stories about me. And some not about me, which is okay, I do not get jealous.

Hearing all of this makes me think about how in life you have all these little moments and they are just little moments: like when you get so angry about something and you get so mad or upset. And then, you can’t even remember what it was all about. It is hard to think about the whole picture when you are just living your life in those moments.

But those little things, they don’t really matter as much as we think they do. And I knew this; I have to say. I knew how to live — to not let everything seem so big and just remember what makes me happy. And I was happy, I was very happy. Believe me. Like the time I was playing with my kids in the house. Yes, in the house, which is… (makes a nod to say “no”). But we were playing and kicking and I fell and broke my… (points to the top of her butt) coccyx. Is that how you say it? Coccyx? The bone in the… you know. I broke it and still I was laughing so hard. And my kids, they make fun of me, I know they make fun of me because of this, but I was still laughing.

I think I will miss them the most. (Pause) I used to hate to think about death. I did not want to believe one day I would just not be here anymore. It scared me so much, I would shake myself to stop thinking about it and do something else to distract me. But I am okay now. I will miss my family, but my kids have their own kids now, this is their time. To be happy. And I know I taught them well. They are good kids because I showed them how to be happy. And that is all I need to be happy.

Read the other monologue Thank You All for Coming:

written to bookend the short play My Condolences:

Last Words by Ernio Hernandez

Copyright ©2009 | Ernio Hernandez | All rights reserved.
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Ernio Hernandez is a writer of plays, poems, short stories, humor and other flights of fancy.

Other plays: The Last Call | One Swipe Left| The Middle of Things

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