My Social Media End of Days

“Hey guys, I just wanted you to know…”

Life! Amirite?!

I am just crazy busy lately and haven’t been able to post here as much as I know you guys would like. #sorrynotsorry

So!… I thought I would just let all my followers know I’ll be taking a break from [this social media platform]. 👋🏽

Just in case you wake up tomorrow and notice:

  • There’s no notification when you check your phone.
  • You click your email and don’t see anything from me.
  • When you go to grab a latte from your usual coffeeshop and it is closed.
  • The streets don’t seem to be filled with any traffic — either foot or cars.
  • Your office is eerily vacant minus the hum of that damn overblowing A/C.
  • People you do happen upon appear frozen in a time-space discontinuum.
  • The sun didn’t come up though you’re certain it’s got to be noon already.
  • Water levels begin to rise on the now fixed, unspinning Earth. And other natural disasters you’ve only seen in movies befall the planet.
  • I don’t seem to realize I am not the center of people’s days and my absence for whatever trivial time from Internet feeds will not set into motion any kind of butterfly effect resulting in the end of days.

See you IRL if I don’t come back! xoxo
(or probably in a week)

Your “Friend” from the Internet

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