Join the Brandon Brando Team! Be a Photo Capturer for Branding Startup

(Jame, made edits to the job copy below, post ASAP, selfie-stick broken)

Employer: Brandon Brando Branding
Location: Various
Category: Marketing & Communications
Duration: Freelance / Ongoing
Contact: HR / Jame Holden


Brandon Brando, founder of Brandon Brando Branding: The Personal Branding Guide for Aspiring [mailmerge: Entrepreneurs/ Gurus/ Consultants/ Suckers/ Creatives] is based in the new Sillycon Valet district.


Recruiting a young, aspiring photographer or go-getting college student to join Brandon Brando on his journey to further success and “capture” his inspiring likeness. The job will entail traveling with and visually documenting Brandon Brando at such events as panels, speaking engagements, team-building retreats, canyons at sunset, artisanal coffeeshop and library meetups. May be asked to accompany/shoot Brandon Brando at dinners, movie and/or board game nights, yoga, slow-pitch softball and fanfic conventions as his guest/ executive photo assistant.


The perfect candidate will have the ability to create a great portfolio of Brandon Brando images that depict many moods and facets of Brandon Brando—i.e. looking askance candidly, pondering deep thoughts off into the distance, hard at work with furrowed brows, jovial toothy grins to portray a completely genuine active social life. Other pictures may feature a quiet Brandon Brando, a sporty Brandon Brando, a scary Brandon Brando, bearded hip Brandon Brando, posh Brandon Brando, silly Brandon Brando and meretricious Brandon Brando.

All Brandon Brando photographs will be used in the daily Brandon Brando editorial blog posts, on the promotional email course, the ebook front cover and back cover (with numerous interstitial visuals placed within), social media avatars and possibly the e̶v̶e̶r̶-̶c̶h̶a̶n̶g̶i̶n̶g̶ evolving logo. Own car is preferred.


Breaking through the homogeny of creative motivational entrepreneur gurus out there, Brandon Brando saw a need for true trailblazing thinking. Out-of-the-box innovation from thought leaders had come to a halt until Brandon Brando devised a system of easy steps for making your dreams come true. (Available in 12 ebook installments only sold direct-to-consumer through the Brandon Brando Branding Business page and prominently displayed at select Walgreen locations.)

You may have read Brandon Brando as one of the Top 10 Forum Writers in Quora (which is like reddit without the mean people). His words have also appeared on various The New York Times online essays (Top Commenter mention), in Inc. Magazine’s letter to the editor pages and the PennySaver “New Faces of Business” section. [Include more numbers here?]

Brandon Brando has a huge following and the Brandon Brando Branding company is poised to pivot to larger verticals, introducing innovative products and breaking new ground in the [mailmerge: tech/crypto/cyber/socio/self/gyno/app/programming/java/paleo] community.


“When I started my startup up in my parents’ attic (garage stories were overdone and it gets too cold out there for me), I quickly learned that all good ideas come from thoughts. To be the leader in this field you must first be a thoughtser. Brandon Brando wants to help regular people like you get to that next level.”

Apply today for consideration! Due to the high volume of applications we expect, you may never hear from us.

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