On the ride home from yet another birthday party this weekend — before one more later that night — my kid fell asleep in the car.

artwork by @ernio_art

Earlier that morning, as the rain made its pitter-patter away outside, I put on a movie I love. One I have been waiting to share with her. She cuddled up on me as I sat on the couch. I enjoyed the snuggle time.

It reminded me of her days as an infant, when she would pretty much live atop me.

Pulling into the driveway not even five minutes after she dozed off, I decided to just let her nap in her carseat. Knowing we would have to get back in the car shortly. I enjoyed the downtime.

It reminded me of her days as a toddler, when we would pretty much live in there.

I steal more and more moments like these now. Saving them for rainy days. When the rain makes its pitter-patter away in my heart.

The more she grows up, the more I feel her slowly growing away. Her universe is expanding and the space between us spins further apart. Her orbit is her own. I know she will always come back around and we will dance in the warmth of our glow.

But the pull away aches like gravity on old bones.

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