For the Love of a Long, Hot Shower 🚿

Close the door. Take off all your clothes. Breathe deep.
It’s about to get real steamy in here.

original photo by Skyler King

People overuse the phrase “there’s nothing like…” Nothing is that good or without comparison. But to me, a long, hot shower has no equal. It is part comfort, part meditation, part pampering, part sanctuary.

As a child that grew up in a household of 4 kids, 2 adults and a single bathroom, bath time was one of the few places I could find quality me time. I was left alone. Warm and cozy. Completely bare. Just me*.

(*I did share showers with my younger siblings until that got too crowded and well, I grew up)

Don’t preach to me about the health benefits or productivity boost you get from taking a cold shower to wake yourself up, you sadistic freak. Leave me to my nice warm, actually hot, near-scalding, soothing shower. I tried cold showers (when I had a fever as a kid or following random advice I read somewhere) and it never worked for me. I last mere moments before my body involuntarily turns the knob.

And do not tell me that taking a bath is so much more relaxing.

“A bath! It’s disgusting. I’m sitting there in a tepid pool of my own filth. All kinds of microscopic parasites and organisms having sex all around me.” — Kramer on “Seinfeld”

Baths are great for like a minute, then the water starts to get cold, your feet are sticking out, you run the risk of drowning if you get too comfy. At least in a hot tub there’s the jets to massage you and the heat lulls you into a zen state.

Long, hot showers achieve what yoga, massage, meditation and wellness gurus all strive for. Quiet (the sound of actual running water, not a white noise machine, Spotify mood playlist or body shop CD), being alone with your thoughts (or lack thereof), relaxing of the muscles (down to your pores) and simply living in the present moment (until mom or the kids come knocking “you’re taking too long” or “save me some hot water!”).

I do some of my best thinking in the shower. (I’ve even done math!) And I don’t recall ever sliding the curtain open and feeling like I spent too much time in there. My worries are kept at bay, my family at least outside the door and my mind/body are refreshed and ready for the day, a night out or a just good sleep. One where I can dream of living a life of luxury and peace in my shower.

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