Appreciation for My Teachers

for National Teacher Appreciation Day


Teachers serve as educators, counselors, mentors, touchstones, role models, life coaches, part-time parents, and so very much more.

There are indeed so many that made a mark on my life, here are some of those artists who helped mold me into the person I have become. Thank you, thank you one and all.

Pre-K (and “summer” school): Mrs. Hernandez (aka Mom)

Grade School:

Kindergarten: Mrs. Batten
1st Grade: Mrs. Marano
2nd Grade: Mrs. Primiano
3rd Grade: Mrs. Abbotto
4th Grade: Mrs. Primiano (yup, I like to think she upgraded for me :))
5th Grade: Mrs. Ross
6th Grade: Mrs. DeNicola
7th Grade: Mrs. Kaplan
8th Grade: Mr. Treanor
+ all the faculty for Art, Poetry, Science, Music, Phys. Ed and Spanish.

High School:

Ms. Ferrante
Mr. O’Connor
Ms. Failla
Mr. Kraus
Mrs. Dauerman
Ms. Palumbo
Mrs. Torres
Mrs. Dutton
Mr. Barton
Mr. Lucia
Mrs. Montesano
Mr. Montesano
Mr. Primiano (then she even made her husband teach me! ;))
Mr. Sirianni
Ms. Scacchetti
Mr. Acinapura


Holly Logue
E. Teresa Choate
Nadine Charles
Karen Lee Hart
Ted Victoria

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